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A single interface to manage your high-end production technology assets. Visualize your entire inventory and act upon important product lifetime events to reduce downtimes.


Give Your Inventory a Voice

With BeamONTM, engineering teams gain instant visibility to their entire production inventory across departments and regions. You receive product update notifications, failure warnings, and one unified service process for all product vendors represented in your production workflow.

BeamON - Always On Air

At your fingertips

Gain instant visibility and access to your entire production fleet, across departments and regions.


Early failure warning

Get automated lifetime monitoring, product update notifications and failure warning for your team.


One service process

Use one unified service process for all product vendors through your Beam profile.

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BeamON™ Seamless Onboarding

Your inventory data is all over the shop? Don't worry, we organize it for you! You only need to share the manufacturer and model numbers of your products, the BEAM algorithm does the rest. No matter if hardware, software, or services data.

Manufacturer: Sony
Model #: PXW-X400

Product Data

The PXW-X400 is an advanced shoulder camcorder that records a variety of professional broadcast-quality formats... see all

Lifecycle Status





Failure Risk



Due: 12/10/2021

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Each year downtime costs our station tens of thousands of dollars, which puts our engineering team under a lot of pressure to manage individual products to stay on-air, let alone a studio with hundreds of individual products. BeamON enables us to manage our technology more easily and reduce downtime on top of it.

Mark Ribero
Mark Ribero
VP Engineering, NC-based TV Station